Wonderful traditional and international dishes.

The restaurant offers wonderful traditional and international dishes, chosen carefully and wisely by the chef. Everything is served in the classic internal ambience, as well in the fresh air of Hymeti’s Palace garden. The singularity of our gastronomy is the breakfast, which is served at the winery of Hymeti’s Palace.


Superior and dedicated service to our clients.

We invite you to explore the menu of our bar, were you will find the best combinations with varieties of beverages, chocolates, sweets, as well appetizers that can be combined with variety of wines.

The morning starts nicely, by enjoying the coffee in a calmly relaxing environment, for continuing the rest of the day joyfully. After an intensive day, we invite you in our bar to enjoy a glass of wine in the tranquility of the evening, the lights of the candles, and in the sounds of our selected music.